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Issue #16

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Men and Fatherhood: Pregnancy and Birth


Becoming a father and a parent can be a transformational process for a man. When a man becomes a father, through loving his child, partner and family, he comes in contact with a deep paternal masculinity. When a child enters a man's life, a new depth of feeling and emotion are awakened within him

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Picture of Your Body Before Pregnancy


If you could look into your body before you are pregnant, you would see that most of the space in the abdomen is taken up by the large and small intestine. There is no real separation between the pelvic and abdominal cavities. The chest cavity, containing the heart and lungs, is separated from the abdominal cavity by a large muscle, the diaphragm.

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Date and way of birth - what would baby choose?


If your pregnancy is healthy it is best to stay pregnant for at least 39 weeks. Staying pregnant to full term, or 40 weeks, is one of the best ways to give babies enough time in the womb to grow and develop. What is considered a full term vs a prem baby?

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Skin to Skin

Are you an attachment parent?


Some of you would answer that question with an empathic Yes! But some of you might repeat the question to yourself and say, “I don’t know – I think so – am I? or, “I don’t think so.

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Safe co-sleeping guidelines


Below is a summary that highlights some of the issues to be concerned with as you make your own decisions about where and how your infant should sleep

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Encouraging Words


True encouraging words focus on the deed, not the doer. It motivates a child from the inside to demonstrate similar positive behaviour in the future, and to value things like hard work, improvement, teamwork and perseverance.

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New Baby Quotes


New baby quotes can either be inspirational or funny. Humorous and funny newborn quotes make us smile and laugh. This page lists lots of funny baby sayings.

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