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Issue #14

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Anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum


Approximately 6% of pregnant women and 10% of postpartum women develop anxiety. Sometimes they experience anxiety alone, and sometimes they experience it in addition to depression.

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Birth Plan for Twins and Some Triplet Sets


The following birth plan format may help expectant parents create a birth plan for full-term or close-to-term twin or triplet pregnancies. Expectant parents may adapt this plan by adding or deleting information.

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Milk supply and breastfeeding decisions: the effects of new mothers’ experiences


Amy Brown explores the psychosocial and cultural issues around breastfeeding and their impact on the physiology of breastfeeding

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Skin to Skin

The Sacred Hour: Uninterrupted Skin-to-Skin Contact Immediately After Birth


The manner in which a new baby is welcomed into the world during the first hours after birth may have short and long-term consequences

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Clumsiness is a sign of a vision problem


Many clumsy children don’t have awkward bodies at all. Their problem is in their vision or perception. Vision is not the same thing as eyesight. Vision is really perception, and it is quite possible to have perfect eyesight but distorted perception

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Where does Dad fit into the picture


Mom is a baby’s anchor – a place of safety. Mom soothes. Dad is different – he smells different, his body feels different and his voice sounds different. To a new-born baby dad represents the whole world. Because novelty is stimulating a dad is responsible for the development of new wiring in baby’s brain.

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New Beginnings


My youngest daughter, Stoli, has asked me to help her pick out paint colours for her first house. It's a small fixer-upper. The location is what makes it special—it's next door.

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You Know You Are A Dad When...


Whether you're a new dad or a second/ third-timer, you may agree that in every man’s life, there comes a moment of realization when his life would never be the same again.

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